Royal Bay Bakery

fresh baked breads and sweet treatsThe menu, and loving local food and community

At the Royal Bay Bakery, we’re a family owned business with a commitment to going local to source as many of our organic product ingredients as possible. The results are fantastically flavourful comfort foods. We specialize in artisan breads, fresh baked savouries and sweets, satisfying lunches, delicious deli options (including great healthy take-away meals you can enjoy at home), fair trade coffee and lattes, and award-winning customer service.

We are actively involved in the local food and clean energy movements, and work hard to support local farmers and a variety of sustainable community development initiatives, such as the annual Harvest Supper and the Solar Colwood program. Royal Bay Bakery also supports local schools, teams, and groups, with student tours, community fundraisers and more. It’s a legacy of community engagement we’re all very proud of.

bakers and bakery staffThe bakers and the makers

The Royal Bay Bakery is the locally-owned and operated energy-efficient and near zero waste business of Gwen Snyder and David Grove. Food is their passion and service their pleasure. Gwen and David have worked hard with a dedicated staff to create a great destination bakery that’s drawing customers from far afield each and every week.

All the Royal Bay products are made from scratch, on the premises. Early rising bakers work steadfastly each morning to begin the service experience found rarely these days. Once products are cooled enough to package, they make their way onto store shelves, often selling while still warm!

solar baked cupcakes and electric carThe invitation

7am - 6pm (Mon-Fri)
7am - 5pm (Saturday)

3337 Metchosin Road
(at Lagoon Road)
in Colwood, B.C.
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Visit us and discover for yourself why people young and old have fallen in love with the Royal Bay Bakery. They are leading by example, so when you visit, be sure to ask about the solar PV on the roof that powers their high-efficiency oven and electric vehicle re-charging station ... and be sure to ask David about that Nissan Leaf!!

Royal Bay Bakery owners Gwen Snyder and David Grove delivered solar-baked cupcakes in their electric Nissan Leaf for Robert Bateman's birthday celebration at the Youth Climate Action Summit at Royal Roads University in late May. David and Gwen are walking the talk with renewable clean energy, at work and at home!

Drop by with your EV and check out the new poster by Lovett Pictures. The level 2 charger is up and free 'LECKY SUN-JUICE' is available 24/7. We're producing 8-10 kwh per day with our roof top PV array.